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Contenta-Converter is a simple and powerful tool to convert and resize your photos
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Bruno Janvier
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31 March 2008

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Most of us like clicking pictures every now and then and nowadays, with the help of digital cameras and powerful camera enabled phones this passion has been further enhanced as these devices enable easy storage of photos as well as assist in sharing photos through social networks comfortably. However, in case you are a professional photographer and you wish to provide access to your images to your clients or friends, e-mailing them will prove to be very tedious as various images with different sizes. So what do you do, e-mail them in small batches and waste time and energy or upload them to social networks and wait for your aides to log in and view them and further ask you to e-mail some of them. The perfect solution for these issues can be provided by the Contenta-Converter 1.0 that enables the user to convert and resize photos to facilitate easy emailing.

Contenta-Converter upon launch opens with a neatly organized interface with the chief options placed at the top pane and the main screen showing the list of the images converted to be sent and the left panel of the screen shows the preview of the image to be sent. This powerful tool is a perfect solution to convert and resize the images with considerable ease. The images can be converted to the JPEG format to be easily sent through the e-mail and reduce the attachment size of the message. Furthermore, the JPEG 2000 compression helps to store more images on a single CD or a DVD and even organize them into a sub-folder hierarchy. The raw images files of any Nikon or Cannon camera can be converted to a more compact format easily and facilitate easy storage.

To conclude, Contenta-Converter 1.0 definitely proves to be a useful tool for professionals and deserves a rating score of four points for the constructive utility it offers.

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Contenta-Converter is a simple and powerful tool to convert and resize your photos. You wish to send pictures by email, but your photos are too big. Resize them and convert them in JPEG to reduce the size of your attachment. You want to archive your photos on a disk but you have so many photos... Try JPEG 2000 compression to store more on a single CD or DVD. Convert the raw files of your Canon or Nikon camera to a more compact format.
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